Cat Care

When it comes to Cat Care, Alliance Pet Sitting Services knows what it takes to keep cats content when you’re away.   Cats are very independent animals and can do a lot of things for themselves, but they can’t entirely take proper care of themselves.

Some cats are eager to interact with us while other cats are not.  We respect that and give them plenty of room and time to decide how much interaction they choose to have with us.  Thus ensuring they don’t get stressed.

We monitor their attitude, overall well being, food and water consumption, and their use of the litter box(es).  Any changes in their behavior, eating and drinking habits, or litter box usage can indicate they are well or signal there is a potential problem.

Upon conclusion of all visits the pet sitter will send a text message or email to inform the  the pet parent that the service is complete and advise the pet’s overall state of being.

Alliance Pet Sitting Services believes in keeping it simple. Order service in lots of time and customize the service to best meet your needs; and we’ll do the rest.  For example: 

Regular Visit; 25-30 Minutes / $19 per visit
The most popular choice; good for multiple pet homes. Supervised feedings. Feed, water, and scoop the litter box. Administer medications. Play time, petting, brushing, etc.
Value Visit; 15-20 Minutes / $17 per visit
Feed, water and scoop the litter box.  Administer medications or socialization.
Quick Trip;  10 Minutes / $15 per visit
Another popular choice; good for seniors. Feed, water, scoop the litter box, administer medications,  and or socialization.

Alliance Pet Sitting Services provides Pet Sitting, Cat and Dog Walking, House Sitting, Pet Taxi and Other Pet Related Services.