About Owners

Hi, my name is Miss Daisy Duke.  I am a 13 year old lab mix.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My forever mom, Karen Westbrook and I started Alliance Pet Sitting Services in August of 2014.  She said, she wanted to get out of the corporate jungle.  And I wanted her to be happy doing what she loves.
My mom, Karen, has always loved animals and they all love her.  She has shown me pictures of all of her pets. Wow, she has had everything from gerbils and hamsters to horses; and everything in between. My loving mom frequently takes in cats and dogs that are lost or sick; like me!  I was just a pup when I got lost. And I found her walking her other dogs, early one morning. I followed her home; and she fed me.   That was a big relief!  We tried to find my doggie mom, but we were not able to find her. I was so happy to find a place that was filled with love, kindness, and other dogs and cats, too. I know how lucky I was to find this very special forever home.
I soon learned Karen was so big hearted when it comes to animals.   It is amazing how lost or sick animals will seek her help; they find their way to our door over and over again.
When we lived in Houston, TX she ran a feral cat rescue operation for 15 years.  That was fun and heartbreaking at the same time.  We always had little baby kittens to take care of.  Karen would feed them with a bottle and I would watch over them and clean their bottoms, like a good mommy.
Now we live in the Heritage Development in far North Fort Worth, near Keller, TX.  We love it here, especially all of the trails.  We walk on the trails all the time.  Sometimes, we have doggie house guests, that’s fun.  A lot of our doggie guests like to play and walk on the trails too.  Most of the time, my mom goes to see other dogs and cats in their homes.  She says pets seem to prefer staying in their own homes and sticking to their own routines.  I feel the same way.  I like staying in my own home, too. Although I miss her when she visits our pet clients, I know she is doing what she loves. And she will soon be home to spend time with me.
We worked really, really, hard to get certified as a professional pet sitter and we even got certified in pet care and pet first aid. She can even do pet CPR, now,  if necessary.  My mom, Karen, said, “While I have many, many years of  hands on experience with cats and dogs, I think it best to get certified.  This will ensure I am the best I can be when it comes to taking care of you, Ms. Daisy, and all of our new pet friends, too”.  “What a pawsitively great idea’, I said.
We both love to make new friends and we hope to have an opportunity to meet you and your forever pets soon.  Having you become apart of our extended family would be pawesome!
Your new forever friend,
Miss Daisy Duke Westbrook

Alliance Pet Sitting Services provides Pet Sitting, Cat Care and Dog Walking, House Sitting, Pet Taxi and Other Pet Related Services.